At the 2013 Embedded World Exposition, Europe’s flagship event for embedded electronics, Adeunis RF announced availability of Wireless Starter Kits, allowing immediate implementation of wireless capabilities on Bluetooth, ISM bands, Narrowband, and Wireless M‐Bus transceivers (a world exclusive). The kits are based on the Raisonance brand Open4 development platforms and fully compatible with EvoPrimer platform resold by STMicroelectronics. These platforms are portable, battery‐operated development solutions that facilitate creation and fine‐tuning of embedded software on the latest generation of STM32 ARM Cortex‐M based microcontrollers.

The Adeunis RF Starter Kits are designed to help users achieve their objectives as quickly as possible when integrating wireless communication in their applications. The new generation starter kits consist of an Adeunis RF extension board embedding an RF module and a Raisonance Open4 plateform. This package constitutes a powerful, compact and nomadic tool that is ideal for exploring RF capabilities and fine tuning them in virtually any environment. The color touch‐sensitive screen allows friendly access to the module parameters and to numerous test modes implemented by Adeunis RF, so that users with little RF experience can rapidly start exploring wireless technologies.

The Adeunis RF Starter Kits meet three objectives:

  • Instantly evaluate the Adeunis RF wireless products
  • Perform RF measurements
  • Follow the user, from the development phases to the optimization of the on‐site implementation

Portability of the Open4 platform gives users the freedom to move around the environment where an application will be implemented, testing RF parameters and performance. Application designers can then develop their own software using the Raisonance tool set; C/C++ compiler, RIDE development environment and debugging/programming hardware. In addition to the wireless capabilities of the Adeunis RF modules, user applications can implement features such as a color touch screen, voice‐quality audio, SDcard, USB, MEMS accelerometer and many standard microcontroller peripherals. Thanks to interchangeable target boards and CircleOS middleware that facilitates software portability, designers can also try a range of processors including STM32F4 high‐performance Cortex‐M4 CPUs and STM32L “Low power consumption” microcontrollers.

With its unique and patented technical know‐how in wireless transmission systems, and its unrivalled understanding of customers' and prospective customers' specific needs, Adeunis RF accompanies customers in the optimization of wireless capabilities in strict compliance with radio regulations and standards.

Adeunis RF Starter Kit data sheets and user guides can be downloaded on the Adeunis RF website, www.adeunis‐

STM32 online community is the support portal for the Open4 and EvoPrimer. There users will find dedicated forums, source code for sample applications and tool documentation. With more than 100 sample applications and 20,000 registered users, stm32circle remains the richest online resource base supporting STM32 users.

Adeunis RF Wireless Starter Kits and extension modules for Open4/EvoPrimer are available with the following radio technologies (all royalties free frequencies):

  • 869.525MHz ISM band : TWIMO (STM32) extension board pack (ref : ARF7864AA and ARF7865AA)
  • 868‐870MHz ISM band Wireless M‐Bus protocol : WMBUS extension board pack (ref : ARF7863AA)
  • 2.4GHz Bluetooth (class2) : BTC2 extension board pack (ref : ARF7862AA)
  • 169MHz ISM band (very long range) : NB169 extension board pack (ref : ARF7889AA)
  • 868MHz ISM band (very long range) : NB868 extension board pack (ref : ARF7891AA)

Adeunis RF wireless modules are fully compatible with EvoPrimer for STM32, which are available worldwide via STMicroelectronics’ distributors. A listing of part numbers and carrying distributors is provided at