Revolutionary new LED “NanoLight” is the world’s most energy efficient light bulb

This week’s KickStarter spotlight goes to the incredibly efficient light bulb called NanoLight . The successfully sponsored project was created by engineers and self-proclaimed tree-huggers, Gimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger, and Christian Yan.

The extraordinary light bulb uses only 12 watts of electricity and generates over 1600 lumens, which is equal to that of a 100 watt incandescent bulb. Though there are many LED products on the market, the NanoLight is revolutionary in terms of its sheer efficiency and lighting capabilities as compared to other LEDs. Unlike those other LEDs, the light spectrum of the NanoLight is more reminiscent of the soft, warm glow of the traditional incandescent, while it evenly distributes light in all directions. Its omnidirectional design provides true, full lighting.

The NanoLight is also the “coolest” bulb out there; as very little electricity is wasted to keep it illuminated. Since very little energy is lost from heat, you will never burn yourself by touching it. Another advantage NanoLight has over other efficient bulbs, such as fluorescents, is that it fully lights up immediately. Unlike the slow “warm-up” response of fluorescents, the NanoLight’s potential is not affected by frequently turning it off and on. 

In comparison to other light bulbs on the market, the NanoLight is also the brightest. In terms of lumens, the NanoLight can reach 133 lumens per watt, making it nearly 200% better than other lights of its type. As far as sheer lifespan, the NanoLight outdoes all other kinds of bulbs. Based on calculations of the standard three hours of use a day, the light can last up to 30 years.

As the NanoLight uses 87% less energy compared to a standard incandescent light bulb and 50% less energy than a typical compact fluorescent bulb with the same light output, the cost it will save is significant. The estimated annual cost of the 10 watt NanoLight is an astonishing $1.53.

The NanoLight’s creators have designed their bulb with its electronic components mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB) using surface mount technology (SMT). They use a robot “pick and place” machine to position each component. Then the circuit board is soldered and shaped into the characteristic, traditional light bulb shape with a standard screw base.

Aside from the statistics of the NanoLight, its aesthetic design is quite unique. Though it is shaped to resemble the traditional light bulb, its geometric form is offered in black or white. Currently, the light bulb is being offered in three different options: 10W (75W-equivalent), 12W (100W-equivalent), and the 12W (producing over 1800 lumens). 

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