Michael Weiland might just have met his new engineer or machinist at Grafton High School.

Weiland, COO of Gilman USA, represented the company at Grafton High School’s inaugural Manufacturing Job Fair Oct. 23. The goal of the job fair was to introduce students to potential careers in manufacturing and skilled trades. Ten local manufacturing firms exhibited at the job fair.

Having the opportunity to showcase manufacturing careers at Gilman USA was something that Weiland didn’t want to pass up.

“There’s certainly a shortage of skilled workers for the types of jobs we have, such as engineers and machinists, and the opportunity to show students these different types of career options available to them is a good thing,” Weiland said. “Some students aren’t interested in a traditional four-year degree college program. Many of the skilled jobs we offer can be obtained with a two-year degree from a technical college, and they can then walk into a good-paying job.”

Ian Liebert is one such student looking to take the technical route after graduation. The high school senior spoke with Weiland about Gilman USA and said a career in a skilled trade is definitely in his future.

“I’m familiar with machines and spindles, and it was neat to see them up close and learn a bit more about what Gilman does,” he said. “I’m good with my hands and fixing things, so after graduation I’m leaning toward learning diesel mechanics or some type of engineering skilled trade. That’s where I want to be.”

Gilman USA designs customized slides and spindles for value-minded engineers with exacting needs and standards, and provides expert services for virtually any manufacturer’s equipment.

In addition to its customized slides and spindles, Gilman USA specializes in spindle repair and is only one of a few companies in the United States to offer slide repair as well. Today, the company boasts a workforce of nearly 40 employees, who average 22 years of experience. Gilman USA expects to add jobs as its work volume increases in the coming years.

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