While many devices have emerged to help users find lost keys, or even dogs, the team behind Lupo has added a new benefit of control.

lupo kickstarter“Everyone has lost something, and loss or misplacement of any possession has more than just financial consequences, especially as more and more personal data is contained within our digital technologies,” explains Raj Sark, Lupo founder and inventor.

“We wanted to create a device for everyday life that provides a simple way to find and secure our valuables, but we’ve also added the ability for Lupo to become a useful controller for any Bluetooth device.”

Lupo is a single solution that finds, secures, and controls any Bluetooth 4.0 device, and is currently seeking funding on the crowdfunding website

“It is the first device of its kind with a unique algorithm that doubles the battery life of the device (one year or more, on average), and to come with an SDK for creating new great apps,” adds Sark.

Taking usability and inclusive design aspects into consideration, the team first completed the software design to test and validate the concept.

“The software design took the most time, requiring creation of an advanced algorithm and power management capabilities,” explains Sark. “The technology that lies inside Lupo is complex.”

After several rounds of iterations, the hardware component emerged with a sleek design, featuring LEDs for visual alarms, a buzzer, and a large easy access button.

“Ultimately, integration of all this technology into a tiny unit that can fit on a keychain was most interesting challenge,” says Sark.

The hardware device is linked with the Lupo App which allows access to various feature, including:

  • Lupo Finder: Helps to find any Lupo-tagged device from the Lupo App or vice-versa using audible and visual alarms.
  • Lupo Alert: Notifies the user via audible or SMS like alerts if a tagged item goes outside a pre-defined safety zone, or to lock a computer as a user walks away.
  • Lupo Controller: Allows the user to connect with their phone camera, control presentations, and access other apps.

After wrapping up their Kickstarter campaign, the team plans on developing more applications that can be deployed on the Lupo platform, and to keep improving the SDK to support further development from the community.

“We believe the Internet-of-Things is the future,” says Sark. “More everyday things will be connected to the internet, including our keys, handbags or even glasses. But convergence will also be very important. The more you can do with one single device, the better, as people should not have to carry around loads of different products for different applications.”

With six days left to go, the team has raised more than $27,000 of their $32,982.00 goal.

“Competition is always a challenge for smaller companies, but it also helps expand the market for new devices and means more people are looking to develop for these technologies,” adds Sark. “We believe that the ability to create new apps on hardware (like what the Lupo SDK platform provides) will be a key approach, as it allows the market to help drive the product direction.”

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