The Rolltop laptop combines laptop, monitor and graphic tablet into one gadget.

Major design overhaul seeks major company in partner.

Laptops are continuously changing. From the compelling components, various applications and thinner designs; to the memory storage, Wi-Fi capabilities and television viewing; they’ve come a long way from the first bulky home computers, and evolved into a fashionable trend.

Advancements in technology have led to more precise touchscreens, longer range of wireless connections, and more compact devices capable of streaming video and audio while  providing driving directions to any location within the network, simultaneously.

So what comes next?

German designer, Evgeny Orkin ( thinks he has found the answer with his Rolltop concept. “The main goal was [to combine the] laptop monitor and graphic tablet [into] one gadget and avoid [additional accessories],” he explains. He continued to say that consumers have the option to buy a computer and a graphic tablet with a touchscreen separately, but they are not able to use them as one laptop. (Click here to watch the video of the Rolltop concept)

Too Much Stuff

“The main problem is that the laptop has two levels – the level you can write on and the level you look at. With two separate planes, the entire screen cannot be utilized because the fold will hinder you,” Orkin says.

Another problem with modern day laptops is the many accessories and gadgets that accompany them. Even with the smaller designs, big bags are required ti carry everything around, which can cause inconvenience and discomfort.

Rolling It Up

Orkin thought of the roll-up laptop when working on his thesis for school. He was interning at Schlagheck-Design in Germany under the direction of Julian Schlagheck, who specializes in product design, print design and product development. He also received guidance from Professor Peter Naumann of the University of Applied Science in Munich, and Georg Trost, former designer of Fujitsu-Siemens Computers.


“With Schlagheck-Design I made a super design prototype that did not include the electronics. It too a lot of time and was very costly,” Orkin says.

The concept of the Rolltop may seem a bit futuristic to some, but as Orkin explains, the technology is available and being produced, so a concept like this is neither impossible or improbable.

What’s Needed

Most of the components for the Rolltop already exist within the modern day designs such as the main board, processor, memory (flash), working memory, etc.

“The Rolltop does not have a CD/DVD reader or Floppy disc because [they’re obsolete]. Other components, such as the loudspeaker, Internet, web cam, USB ports and power supply are based in the cylinder in which the screen would roll around,” says Orkin.

Orkin also notes that current touchscreens are “not so good” but advancements in the technology are already being pursued with promising results.

Such a design would be perfect for students walking around campus grounds, business professional that travel regularly and home consumers who just like to keep themselves entertained when waiting to meet friends or relaxing in a coffee shop or at home.

Bringing Rolltop To Market

The Rolltop’s success hinges on the utilization of OLED Technology, or organic light emitting diode. This technology would be the main component of the laptop’s monitor. It is tough, flexible and energy saving. “All these qualitites are very important to me,” explains Orkin. “Flexible to roll it, tough to draw on it, and energy saving to have a smaller battery than what is already being implemented.”

For Orkin to develop and produce his Rolltop design, he needs the capacity of a big company such as Panasonic, Samsung and Dell. He has had a lot of inquires and believes it can be a huge success once it starts rolling.

“There are three main benefits with my design,” Orkin says. “One, the Rolltop combines the laptop, monitor and graphic tables without any problem (such as small display in monitor modus or fold on screen in graphic tablet modus). Secondly, the Rolltop is an all-in-one gadget that integrates the power supply, loud speaker, laptop bag and mouse into one. You don’t have to carry extra accessories. Lastly, due to the new available technology, the design is very compact and possesses a completely new outlook.”


With the one design model, Orkin hopes to catch the attention of major producers and distributors. He is very confident that his concept would be very attractive to consumers and sell big once it hits the market shelves.