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by Nye Lubricants

When faced with the challenge of reducing cost without sacrificing quality, damping greases can be useful tools in a design engineer’s bag of tricks.

by Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Powder and bulk solids manufacturers have always had an inherent problem: once product is developed, it needs to be moved. Whether it is through a hopper or feeder system or merely transporting the material, the product needs to be moved. This sounds easy enough, but it can be very complex.

by Verisurf Software

CAD-based inspection software helps CAD, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing datums, and measuring devices work together to ensure design intent, and eliminate the need for 2D inspection drawings, while closing the loop on digital workflow. These are all important considerations when moving towards a Model-Based Definition (MBD) environment. CAD-Based inspection is a good practical first step toward the goal of a complete MBD environment.

by ASI, Inc.

Cable glands, sometimes also referred to as strain relief or cable connectors, are used in electrical equipment and panel construction to insure the integrity of the panel is maintained at the point of entry by the electrical cable. Several options are available, as this paper will discuss.

by Surety

 As a pharmaceutical or bio-sciences firm, your research, formulas and clinical findings are the "lifeblood" of your business. But if you aren’t  protecting the integrity of your scientific research data in your lab management workflows, you risk losing patent ownership, revenue and consequently your business if you can't prove time of creation (“first-to-invent”) and authenticity. Learn how you can implement simple, cost-effective and automated controls into your existing lab management processes to protect your scientific intellectual property for the long term. These automated measures can also ease the costly and manual task scientists must follow to “sign and witness” volumes of research records, allowing scientists to focus on their research instead.

by OrMec

Applying industrial automation servos places additional constraints on the rules for power transmission design. Engineers must consider various options and risks when designing speed reducers, couplings, shaft configurations and other critical mechanical components. Mechanical load problems typically caused by backlash and/or compliance problems can be avoided with careful analysis.

by Nye Lubricants, Inc

Optical coupling fluids and gels serve as a “bridge” for light signals by carrying light between different media such as transparent plastic or glass light pipes or lenses. These materials, also known as Index Matching fluids and gels, are used to optimize light transmission (by matching the refractive index of the mating materials) while allowing pliable mechanical connections between rigid parts.

by Pick Heaters, Inc.

Many process plants currently use steam or hot water to heat jacketed devices such as tanks, kettles, dryers, reactors, glass lined vessels, or similar adaptations such as coiled tubing placed inside or outside tanks or vessels. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of steam and hot water for jacketed heating, and compare indirect and direct steam injection systems for making hot water.

by Spirol

Shim tooling costs are one of the quickest ways to drive a prototype or short-run production project over budget. SPIROL has several manufacturing methods that eliminate or greatly reduce your tooling expenditure, whether your project is for prototype, short-run or long-term requirements. Below are some production technologies to help you determine which method is best for you.

by Stoffel Polygon Systems, Inc.

Mechanical Drive connections using Polygon systems can transmit up to double the torque transmitted by other conventional drives within the same shaft diameter.  

by Tech-Etch

Photo etching, also called chemical milling, offers many advantages for manufacturing thin metal or polymer film medical parts, including improved accuracy, low-cost tooling, inexpensive prototyping, burr-free parts, and faster production times.

by Objet

The ability to drive revenue by offering 3D printing services


Designing tools for aluminum bottles is complicated and time consuming, but simulations with Abaqus shortened the design cycle by 75 percent, reduced the number of prototypes for the Coke Contour aluminum bottle, and resulted in an overall cost reduction of 50 percent. 

by Amtech

The Amtech Drive EZ30 can be implemented due to the initial design of open throttling for several important reasons, including: power consumption rates, energy efficiency, improved controls and the elimination of mechanical drive components

by Dassault Systemes

Global competition and ever-evolving business models make component re-use and standardization key for high-tech OEMs as well as Electronic Manufacturing Services providers. 


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