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by Rotronic

The new Airchip3000 technology from ROTRONIC reduces humidity and temperature calibration time and cost. Learn how ROTRONIC has eliminated one full step from the calibration process, thus eliminating the cost of the additional calibration cycle.

by Surety

Using an electronic lab notebook (ELN) or planning to move to one? More laboratories and R&D-centric organizations are changing from paper-based to electronic workflows to remain competitive…and why not? From initial conceptualization through product development and production, ELNs and other lab informatics systems are efficient and effective for what they are designed to do.

by Heidenhain Corporation

HEIDENHAIN’s linear encoders eliminate machine tool position errors caused by thermal expansion of recirculating ball screws in linear feed axes.

by Vaisala

Periodic mapping of conditions within environmental chambers (including refrigerators, freezers, stability chambers, and warehouses) is critical for compliance in FDA-regulated applications, where validation of conditions such as temperature, and sometimes humidity, is mandated. This application note recommends some options to help meet cGMP requirements for validation projects. These are broad guidelines only, and most recommendations are based upon using data loggers as the sensing device.

by Gates Corporation and Miller Bearings, Inc.

Southwest Florida International Airport realized dramatic savings by converting V-belt drives to synchronous belt drives. Download the case study.

by Gates Corporation

Field redesigns point the way to next-generation machines. This paper includes case studies showing how conversions from roller chain or gears to synchronous belt drives helped improve performance while saving maintenance and replacement costs.

by Vaisala

This article features several excerpts from Form 483s involving environmental. Observations range from failure to properly validate containers to a lack of temperature records in an aseptic processing area. After the excerpts, we describe systems that can provide the necessary elements of compliance and outline 10 best practices for formulating an effective 483 response.

by Heidenhain

HEIDENHAIN’s machine tool components – CNC controls, touch probe systems and high-resolution encoders – use energy efficiently and help reduce waste

by Michael Martin, Product Marketing Engineer at HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION (Machine Tools)

HEIDENHAIN’s ERM 2400 compact encoders meet high signal quality, shaft speed and contamination tolerance requirements for direct drives on spindles.

by Bimba Manufacturing Company

Understanding all the costs in pneumatic and electric actuators, and recognizing their very different capabilities, can save tens of thousands of dollars

by Testo, Inc

Critical environment administrators must monitor indoor environments and collect data reliably in order to ensure materials are stored properly and compliance is maintained. This can prove challenging depending on the type of monitoring system currently in place. This white paper identifies many of the challenges faced by environment administrators on a daily basis and how a wireless environmental monitoring system can help to maintain data integrity and meet all compliance requirements.

by Heidenhain Corporation

HEIDENHAIN’s linear encoders with optical scanning increase the accuracy, speed stability and thermal behavior required by fast, precise direct drives.

by Heidenhain Corporation

HEIDENHAIN’s LIF 481 1Dplus linear encoder provides high resolution for positioning to the nanometer for the semiconductor industry.

by Heidenhain Corporation

HEIDENHAIN’s compact absolute length gauges for shop-floor measurement combine the benefits of incremental optical devices and absolute measured value acquisition.

by Screaming Circuits

 How can product development teams regain control of the process and actually cut costs? Here are 10 areas on which to focus.


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