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by Stoffel Polygon Systems, Inc.

Mechanical Drive connections using Polygon systems can transmit up to double the torque transmitted by other conventional drives within the same shaft diameter.  

by MicroChip

The demand for extremely low-power technologies was born from necessity; starting with the fabrication process and moving all the way to application areas. Particularly, energy sensitive applications are now driving demand for unprecedented hours of service from a single battery that is measured in years rather than in days or months. Meeting this demand requires integrated devices that are not only developed in synergy with the characteristics of battery power, but also with an understanding of how the application will operate in order to achieve 10, 15 or even 20 years of operation without replacing the primary cell. This white paper describes the benefits of low-power design technology and applicable scenarios.

by Ltd.

Permanent magnet direct current (DC) motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy through the interaction of two magnetic fields. Here are some key points to consider when specifying DC motors.

by MicroChip Technology

The 8-bit microcontroller has been around for close to 40 years. In this age of rapidly advancing technology, when electronic devices seem to become obsolete not long after they get to market, that boggles the mind. To what can we attribute such longevity? There are a variety of reasons as outlined in this paper.

by Tech-Etch

Photo etching, also called chemical milling, offers many advantages for manufacturing thin metal or polymer film medical parts, including improved accuracy, low-cost tooling, inexpensive prototyping, burr-free parts, and faster production times.

by Objet

The ability to drive revenue by offering 3D printing services


Designing tools for aluminum bottles is complicated and time consuming, but simulations with Abaqus shortened the design cycle by 75 percent, reduced the number of prototypes for the Coke Contour aluminum bottle, and resulted in an overall cost reduction of 50 percent. 

by Amtech

The Amtech Drive EZ30 can be implemented due to the initial design of open throttling for several important reasons, including: power consumption rates, energy efficiency, improved controls and the elimination of mechanical drive components

by Dassault Systemes

Global competition and ever-evolving business models make component re-use and standardization key for high-tech OEMs as well as Electronic Manufacturing Services providers. 

by Cashco

 Brochure describes the company’s line of throttling rotary and linear control valves, pressure reducing regulators, and back pressure regulators in line sizes from 1?4 inch to 10 inches and Cv ranges from .002 to 4,406. Models are available to handle slurries, cryogenic service, and corrosive fluids; to withstand high temperatures and pressures; and to maximize the reduction of fugitive emissions.

by Kramer

 Vertical tablet conveyors/dedusters have become an economical way to efficiently convey tablets utilizing a very small footprint. The vertical vibratory conveyor uses gentle vibration to convey the product upward in a spiral along a smooth, perforated surface.

by Aspex

 ASPEX is the leading provider of integrated microanalysis systems for the automatic detection, characterization and documentation of raw materials and foreign particulate matter present in research and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, enabling the user to understand and control the purity of the process. ASPEX systems are installed at pharmaceutical and medical device companies worldwide for process control initiatives related to raw materials and finished products, including inhalable drugs and implantable medical devices.

by Integrated Containment Systems

 ICS offers a custom designed Lyo Transfer Cart that is a self-contained, battery powered, enclosure designed for transport of pharmaceutical products through uncontrolled space. Most commonly, the lyo transfer cart is used to transfer product vials from the fill suite through uncontrolled hallway space to the lyophilizer suite.

by Rotork

 In a process plant, the general function of a control valve is to restrict the opening of the valve so it affects the flow or pressure of the liquid or gas that is passing through it. In any given application, an installed valve has one fundamental variable – the position of the moving element, which could be a profiled ball, plug, or sleeve in the valve. That single moving element determines the exposed orifice that allows greater or lesser flow through the valve, which in turn provides the control of the process.

by FRABA Inc.

A description of the technology used in FRABA's POSITAL line of magnetic absolute encoders (MAGNETOCODE) to ensure that the full absolute position (angular position + turn-count) is always accurate, even after a power failure or shutdown of the control system. The solution involves technology that generates the power needed to record position data without the need for backup batteries.


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