CITEC has made progress with robotic manipulation of paper. Working with paper affords a very rich interaction domain that has yet to be solved for anthropomorphic robot hands. A marker based visual detection mechanism serves as input for soft-body physical modeling of the sheet of paper. Modeling of the paper was implemented using the Bullet Physics Engine. The high-speed fiducial marker detection framework is freely available in the CITEC open-source, computer-vision library, ICL (

In the first part of the video, visual detection and physical modelling of the paper is demonstrated. The developed system is able to track a standard sheet of paper (with fiducial markers) while it is folded into a paper aeroplane.

In the second part of the video, the results of the detection and modelling units are used to implement a complex folding sequence carried out on a bi-manual 54-DOF Robot setup consisting of two PA-10 Robot arms, each equipped with a 20-DOF Shadow Dexterous Hand.

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