Peel was a manufacturing company based on the Isle of Man that primarily made fibreglass boats as well as fairings for motorcycles, but they dabbled in autos. Tiny, micro-autos. The company originally made the Peel P50 and Peel Trident micro cars on the Isle of Man in the 1960’s before it ceased trading in the 1970’s.

These models constitute the only automobiles manufactured on the Isle of Man; the company halted their manufacture in 1969. A limited-run Peel Manxkart go-kart was also produced. 

Designed as a city car, it was advertised as capable of seating "one adult and a shopping bag." The vehicle's only door was on its left side, and equipment included a single windscreen wiper and only one headlight.

The Peel P50 to this day still carries the Guinness Book Of Records as the Worlds Smallest Production Car of all time.

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