Electrical and Electronic Components

Surface Mount VN-300 Dual Antenna GPS/INS

VectorNav Technologies has introduced a surface mount version of its VN-300 Dual Antenna GPS-aided Inertial Navigation System (GPS/INS). The VN-300 surface mount device (SMD) is a miniature MEMS-based inertial navigation module that includes both inertial navigation and GPS-compassing ...

Expanded Compact SCALE-2+ Dual-Driver-Core Family

Power Integrations has launched its SCALE-2+ dual IGBT-driver core, the 2SC0435T2G1-17, which is the most compact product in its power range with a footprint of 57.2 x 51.6 mm and a height of just 20 mm. The new SCALE-2+ technology enables Soft Shut Down (SSD) to be implemented in the event of ...

Combination Connectors for Signal & Power

Mill-Max Mfg. Corp.

Mill-Max has announced two new connector sets: a 5 pin, compact cable-to-board socket and header, and a 40 pin board-to-board header and socket combination. The 5 pin connectors have two contacts for power and 3 for signal, while the 40 pin connectors have 30 signal and ...

Materials and Prototyping

Digital Texturing Rapid Prototype Media

IKONICS Corporation has developed an ink jet media for making stretchable, three-dimensional textures that can accelerate 3D rapid prototyping and mold-making processes. IKONICS DTX RPM, or Rapid Prototype Media, produces the highest-resolution, large format 3D textures using ...

Steel & Stainless Steel Hinges

J.W. Winco, Inc.

J.W. Winco, Inc. has announced it offers GN 129.2 steel and stainless steel hinges, in metric sizes. The RoHS-compliant hinges are used for doors, which are flush with the frame on the outside. Once assembled, they cannot be unhinged. Being mounted from the inside, they are suitable for ...

Adhesive-Backed Nylon PCB Lock-Fit Supports

Keystone Electronics Corp. has announced an assortment of adhesive-backed nylon stacking spacers/supports. Supports are engineered to lock-fit a chassis-to-board without the use of tools. These devices have an adhesive backing for securing to a chassis while the other end easily snaps into a ...

Mechanical Components

DuraLabel Catalyst

Graphic Products
DuraLabel Catalyst features LED print technology to create high resolution 1200x600 dpi text and graphics. It is a full-color printer, utilizing the CMYK color process to print any color in the spectrum. Use Catalyst to print durable GHS, OSHA, ANSI and arc flash labels on demand. Printed labels are UV, water, chemical and abrasion resistant. No drying time, just print and apply. Catalyst is Energy Star certified for energy saving performance. Visit for more information.

DuraLabel Pro 300

Graphic Products
The DuraLabel PRO 300 is capable of printing 300 dpi resolution onto a huge selection of application-specific supplies — all at very affordable prices. Supplies for the DuraLabel PRO 300 are more affordable because you're purchasing direct from the manufacturer. The result is less out-of-pocket cash and more value for your dollars. The unique design of the DuraLabel PRO 300, combined with a wide variety of supplies, offers a machine that can take on most labeling and sign making tasks. You'll have high-quality thermal transfer printing, combined with the correct supplies for the job. Visit for more information.

Conductive Foam EMI Shielding Gaskets

Tech-Etch, Inc.

Tech-Etch, Inc. has announced its 2700 Series Conductive Foam, which has X, Y, and Z axis conductivity for maximum EMI shielding attenuation, and is available as standard gaskets, custom designs, or sheet stock. The material is suitable for computer, router, and telecom ...

Motion Control and Automation

'TI-C5M' Torque Insert

Reell Precision Manufacturing

The new “TI-C5M” torque insert from Reell Precision Manufacturing introduces suitable position-control technology for a range of consumer electronics applications, including tablet and laptop stands and holders, device protective covers, and other end-uses requiring precise torque performance ...

Electronic Braking Torque Regulation

mayr’s new, intelligent braking torque control makes it possible to decelerate devices and machines evenly and gently. The intelligent braking torque control module offers a solution to generate a variable braking torque for ROBA-stop safety brakes. Features include ...

Suction Cups & Lightweight Vacuum Ejectors

Piab Vacuum Products

Piab has introduced a new line of products called Value Line. The line consists of 21 suction cups in three different shapes as well as two small lightweight vacuum ejectors. The product line is suitable for basic applications, where machine speeds and surfaces to be gripped are less ...

Sensors Test and Measurement

Surface Mount VN-300 Dual Antenna GPS/INS

VectorNav Technologies has introduced a surface mount version of its VN-300 Dual Antenna GPS-aided Inertial Navigation System (GPS/INS). The VN-300 surface mount device (SMD) is a miniature MEMS-based inertial navigation module that includes both inertial navigation and GPS-compassing ...

Bidirectional Fiber Optic Test Links

Delaire USA’s 8800 family of Fiber Optic Test Links for Multi-Channel Bidirectional Testing provides approximations of worst-case fiber links to verify the ability of high-speed optical network equipment to operate at the limits of cables defined by the 802.3 Ethernet standard ...

Battery-Operated Lifting Magnet

DocMagnet has introduced its new permanent-electro (PE) battery operated lifter. The BEELiFT comes in standard sizes of 500, 1000, and 2000 lbs. units. Features include ...

Software and Computer Systems

DuraLabel 9000

Graphic Products
The DuraLabel 9000 prints supplies up to 9-inches-wide so graphics and text are seen much sooner. Cluttered facilities and even outdoor plants are easier and safer to navigate when workers see signs before they arrive at their destination and easily recognize when they are leaving safe zones. Printed signs and labels are not only larger, they're printed in quality 300 dpi resolution so text and graphics are crisp, easy to read and look professional. Visit for more information.

DuraLabel Toro

Graphic Products
The DuraLabel Toro features complete independence from PCs and networks. A built-in color touch-screen and a fold-down QWERTY keyboard make it a totally stand-alone unit. You don't even need a cable for power. The Toro delivers superior-quality 300 dpi resolution and prints onto supply sizes up to 4-inches-wide. Print everything from photoluminescent wayfinding signs to ultra-aggressive adhesive labels for textured surfaces. Visit for more information.

Echo Printer

Graphic Products
Echo is a large format printer, scanner, and enlarger capable of printing large-scale banners in just minutes. The inkless poster printer is environmentally friendly using thermal printing technology instead of messy inkjet or toner to flawlessly create safety posters for warehouse facilities. Users can enlarge an existing document or picture using the built-in scanner; print from a gallery of stock posters; or print materials directly from a computer using either a USB cord or computer network. Echo Canvas software included in the system allows users to design posters with access to more than 6,000 clip art images.Visit for more information.
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