Electrical and Electronic Components

Smoke and Fire Compliant Railway Connectors

Esterline Connection Technologies – SOURIAU has announced the MSG 3U connector. Designed for on-board or on-ground TCMS (Train Control Monitoring System) and TIMS (Train Information Management System) applications, the ...

C&K Components Develops Momentary Action Tactile Switches

C&K Components

C&K Components has developed a series of surface mount, ultra-low profile, top-actuated tactile switches with extended operating lifecycles up to 500,000. The switches measure just 3.7 x 3.7 mm with a board-mounted profile of ...

Rexroth Offers New Series of Compact HMI Solutions

Bosch Rexroth Corporation

Rexroth has announced the compact IndraControl VR series of embedded terminals that complement the existing IndraControl V portfolio of larger screen HMIs and the PC-based panels, including the IndraControl VEP, VDP, VSP, and ...

Materials and Prototyping

J.W. Winco Stainless Steel Leveling Feet

J.W. Winco, Inc.

J.W. Winco has annouced GN 440.5 stainless steel leveling feet with tapped socket, plain, with elastomer base cap or vulcanized rubber pad, in inch and metric sizes. Leveling feet have a tapped socket of ...

J.W. Winco Offers Hinges with Integrated Monitoring Switch

J.W. Winco, Inc.

J.W. Winco now offers EN 239.4 plastic hinges with integrated switches, in metric sizes. The RoHS-compliant hinges were designed for monitoring guard doors and covers of machines and production equipment ...

RFMW Announces Support for Delta 40 GHz Cable Connectors

RFMW has announced design and sales support for Delta Electronics 2.92 mm SMK Coaxial Cable Connectors rated to 40 GHz for use in commercial, industrial, and military applications. Three cable ends are ...

Mechanical Components

Neugart's HLAE Stainless Steel Gearbox Debuts at IMTS

Neugart has designed its new HLAE gearbox from the ground up for use in food processing, pharmaceutical and other industries with stringent manufacturing hygiene standards. The gearbox uses food-safe lubricants throughout ...

Alpha Wire Announces 300 V EcoCable Mini

Alpha Wire Co.

Alpha Wire has added to its popular EcoCable recyclable cable line to include a new 300 V version that is up to 32% smaller and 44% lighter than standard 300 V PVC cable. EcoCable Mini has recyclable mPPE jacketing and insulation with ...

Industrial Blower for High Temperature Environments

Air Control Industries (ACI) has announced the EP10AH industrial blower. Low temperature rise is achieved by integrating a heat dissipation ‘spinner’ disk in a vented housing between the blower unit and impeller ...

Motion Control and Automation

22 mm Servomotors with Planetary Gearboxes

Koford Engineering

Koford Engineering has introduced 22 mm servomotors with planetary gearboxes and optical encoders to provide a precision motion control package. The motors are of a slotless design with zero cog and a mechanical time constant ...

AutomationDirect Expands AC Motor Line


AutomationDirect has expanded its Marathon AC motor line to include lower-cost, high-performance 0.5 to 5 HP Marathon Max+ series AC motors with integrated encoder. The 230/460 VAC Max+ inverter-duty motors are designed to ...

New Motion Controller Boosts Machining Speed, Accuracy

Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.

Delta Tau has launched its new Power PMAC  NC motion controller aimed at improving machining speed, accuracy and surface finish by using advanced servo and kinematic algorithms. With a state-of-the-art CPU and ...

Sensors Test and Measurement

High Accuracy & Repeatability Pressure/Temperature Data Loggers

Omega Engineering, Inc.

Omega has announced its new series of pressure/temperature data loggers. The OM-PR series features a temperature range of -20° to 85°C (-4° to 18°F). Pressure ranges are 35, 150, 350, 550, 2000, 5800 psia, and vacuum ranges are ...

QuickLogic Delivers Sensor Hub with Programmable Flexibility

QuickLogic Corporation has introduced its new ArcticLink 3 S2 platform, the second CSSP solution in its Sensor Hub roadmap. This next-generation platform delivers double the customer-specific programmable ...

FLIR Releases New OEM Thermal Imaging Core Muon

Flir Systems, Inc.

FLIR Systems has announced its latest thermal imaging core, Muon, which is designed specifically for volume OEMs capable of integrating uncooled FPAs into their own camera solutions ...

Software and Computer Systems

Microscan's AutoVISION Suite 3.0

Microscan Systems Inc.

Microscan invites new users to explore the range of capabilities in its AutoVISION machine vision suite. The family includes the intuitive AutoVISION software interface and Vision MINI and Vision HAWK smart cameras with ...

Bringing Mobile Connectivity to Industrial Data Acquisition & Control

Sealevel Systems

Sealevel Modbus Connect brings the power of mobile connectivity to industrial data acquisition and control. This free app allows for easy communication with Sealevel Modbus TCP compatible products including ...

Integrated Production Control System

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has announced CENTUM VP R5.04, an enhanced version of the company’s flagship integrated production control system. The development of CENTUM VP R5.04 is the outcome of a steady effort to ...

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