Scapa (Windsor, CT) has expanded its professional range of technical cable wrap solutions for the evolving technological needs of the energy, telecommunications, data transmission and sub-sea cable industry. The expansion includes:

  • Pro:Com - Communication cable protection: Water-swellable and fire retardant cable wrapping tapes provide reliable protection for fiber optic, copper data and signal cables, offering solutions to cover every application environment.
  • Pro:Power - Power cable protection: Power range of water-swellable, insulative, semi-conductive, bituminized and fire retardant cable wrapping tapes offer optimum performance and reliable protection for any manufactured power cable length, voltage, capacity or application environment.
  • Pro:Safe - Fire survival cable protection: Safe range of woven glass fire retardant wrapping tapes are zero halogen, low  smoke and fume compliant (OHLSF), and provide a wide range of solutions for any safety cable application and offering vital protection where and when it is needed the most.

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