NK Technologies (San Joes, CA) has introduced ATPR “E-Out” Series AC Current Transducers. ATPR current transducers combine a current transformer with a true RMS signal conditioner in a single package. ATPR series current transducers can be used in applications where the current wave is distorted or where it is sinusoidal with equal accuracy. Features include:

  • A 0 - 5 or 0 - 10 VDC RMS output on distorted waveforms located in the output of variable frequency drives, phase angle fired heating controls, and on linear loads in “noisy” power environments.
  • A DC voltage output that is ideal for data acquisition systems, panel meters or controllers with only voltage inputs available
  • Field selectable ranges that minimize inventory requirements and easily accommodate changes in load conditions. 

For more information visit www.nktechnologies.com.