Pixus Technologies (Waterloo, Ontario), a supplier of backplane, chassis, and embedded component solutions, now offers enclosures with the subrack recessed within the enclosure frame for additional protection, including EMC considerations. In many applications, engineers will utilize a portion of the subrack area for the embedded computer boards and the other section for their specialized devices.  Provisions for mounting of custom devices are easily implemented in the modular enclosure. Features include:

  • Accommodation for 3U in a 4U overall height and 6U pluggable boards (with 1U-3U of space for various fan/airflow configurations). 
  • Backplanes that are available in OpenVPX, CompactPCI/2.16, PCIe Gen2, or Gen3, VME64x, VXS, or custom.
  • A wide range of AC or DC power supplies.
  • Optional system monitoring and management.

For more information visit www.pixustechnologies.com.