WAGO Corporation’s (Germantown, WI) 811 Series Class CC and Midget-Style (10x38mm) Fuse Holders provide machine- and panel-builders with a new approach to branch and supplemental protection. The lever-actuated units replace traditional screw-based terminations with an industry-first application of CAGE CLAMP Spring Pressure. Beyond maintenance-free, vibration-proof connections, these lift-and-lock terminations reduce wiring times up to 50% — no torque specs or specialty tools. Additional features include:

  • Accommodation for conductors of 14-6 AWG.
  • Availability in 1 to 3 poles.
  • An optional coupling kit that creates multi-pole configurations in the field.
  • A DIN-rail mount clip for easy installation or removal.

For more information email info.us@wago.com or visit www.wago.us/811fuse.htm.