KEYENCE (Itasca, IL) has introduced the newest addition to their Machine Vision product lineup, the CV-X100 Series. Designed to be easy to use yet powerful, the intuitive interface allows users of all levels to quickly and easily set up robust inspections for their application needs. New tools include:

  • Auto-Teach Inspection: automatically creates an inspection based off of a set of good parts. The Auto Teach is programmed to account for even the subtle of color differences in the subject parts by utilizing the full color information.
  • Point-and-Click Measurement: high-precision measurements can be done quickly and easily through simple mouse operations, with no calculations required. Even the most complex objects can be measured quickly. If the units other than pixels are required, scaling can be easily applied.
  • Camera Re-Adjustment: guides users to adjust the camera and lens with the correct position, focus, and brightness settings. The tool uses a pre-registered image to compare the current image with. The result is an easy way to re-adjust bumped cameras or to quickly implement the same vision inspection onto other lines.
  • User Manual Auto-Generator: automatically generates a user manual customized to the user’s specific programs. The generated manual will include explanations of the main parameters, a list of tools to be used, basic tool settings, and more.

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