Osram Opto Semiconductors (Sunnyvale, CA) has developed the new Displix black and Displix blackprint multichip LEDs to meet the unique environmental demands of large-format outdoor displays typically used at rock concerts, sporting events or for perimeter advertising. These robust, high-contrast and high-power LEDs can withstand high humidity levels, wide fluctuations in temperature, and even torrential rain. Features include:

  • A typical light intensity at the Illuminant D65 white point (at a color temperature of 6504 Kelvin) of 1450 millicandela (mcd) at an operating current of 20 milliamps.
  • Under the same operating conditions Displix blackprint is intense at 2950 mcd with good contrast.
  • Three chips with typical wavelengths of 625 (red), 528 (green), and 470 nm (blue).

For more information visit www.osram-os.com.