Everlight Electronics has introduced several low-, mid-, and high-power LED lighting components that have adopted the LM80 test, in order to provide a broad range of high quality LED lighting components. Standardization has become a key factor in LED adoption in the global lighting market - not only in safety standards and performance standards but also more importantly, in reliability and lifetime testing. LM80 is the lighting standard by which all major LED manufacturers are complying with for lumen maintenance testing. The tested LEDs feature:

  • Low-power (PLCC 3528 and 3020) to mid-power (PLCC 5630) to high-power(Ceramic 3535 and 3045) series.
  • A thorough lumen maintenance reference for each category of LED.
  • Testing to a full 6,000 hours and three LED case temperatures by a fully accredited NVLAP laboratory.

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