Custom manufactured gaskets and seals that are engineered to match critical OEM fluid handling requirements and die cut to precise specifications are available from Interstate Specialty Products, Inc. (Sutton, MA). Interstate Specialty Gaskets are engineered to customer specification and die cut to match precise fluid handling process requirements including oil, fuel, chemical, and solvent resistance, vacuum, pressure, and other factors. Features include:

  • Digital dieless cutting.
  • Available sizes from 0.250” up to 60” dia. and thicknesses from 0.003”.
  • Available materials of PTFE, expanded PTFE, FKM, neoprene, nitrile, silicones, fluoroelastomers, and MIL-SPEC, AMS, NSF, and FDA approved materials. 
  • Applicability in electronics, medical devices, process controls, industrial and laboratory equipment, oil & gas, and more.

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