Epoxy Preforms (12617)

Designed as an alternative to liquid epoxy for high-volume, precision sealing, Uni-form epoxy preforms are pre-shaped, one-part resins that are solid at room temperature. When heated, Uni-forms melt and cure, forming a consistent seal that protects components from dust, moisture, oil, flux, solvents, conformal coatings, and other contaminants. Close tolerances on preform dimensions, consistent pre-mixed ratios of resin to catalyst, and consistent viscosity from beginning to end of batch ensure uniform, high-quality results. Uni-forms eliminate seal variations caused by operator technique or epoxy pot life. Costly cleanup procedures are also avoided. To accommodate diverse applications, Uni-forms are available in several epoxy formulations and a wide range of configurations, with inside diameters as small as 0.01 in. (0.25mm) and outside diameters as large as 0.72 in. (18.3 mm).