Balance Mate is a portable instrument that allows users to monitor, balance, and analyze rotating machinery.

The single-plane balancer is capable of monitoring equipment rotating at 300-50,000 rpm. A quick-start feature leads the operator through the machine balancing process, displaying the locations and amounts of weight to be added or removed from machinery to correct imbalances. The unit is designed to meet the needs of small machine shops that can't justify the expense of fixed balancing equipment. It can be moved from machine to machine, to either balance or monitor the equipment. With an optional BalMate Windows 95/NT software package, it can also be used as a diagnostic tool for vibration analysis. An optional tachometer sensor is available, and the accelerometer provides a vibration resolution of 0.001 in./sec. The display shows various measurement units, two vibration alarm outputs warn of out-of-limit vibrations, and three balance modes allow operators to compensate for imbalances by relocating existing wheel weights, manually adding weights, or removing material.

Unit cost is $4,495.