Photos of the Day: Inside the Airbus Super Jumbo's Luxury Class

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 9:36am
Hofmann Innovation

Anyone who is familiar with a 12-hour long-haul flight from Zurich to Hong Kong knows how strenuous travelling can be, particularly when flying Economy Class. Even in Business Class, the seats are not necessarily luxurious for such a long-haul route.

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The same route in First Class of an A380 has a high price compared to Business Class, however, the interior fittings and passenger service are extremely pleasant.

The mock-ups are seat modules and sleeping modules, which ensure as much relaxation as possible through restful comfort with integrated entertainment. The First Class fittings are regarded as image carriers and brand messengers for airlines, even if the majority of passengers tend to only be able to afford lower-priced classes.

As is customary for experienced model builders, the design of the mock-ups needed to be indistinguishable from a series version, in terms of impression, function and feel. In order to achieve this, Modellbau Robert Hofmann pulled out all the stops in process engineering, with regard to mould making, rapid prototyping and refinements.


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