TOKYO, Feb. 28 (Kyodo) — The Tokyo District Court ruled Thursday that Apple Inc. has not infringed upon a Samsung Electronics Co.'s patent in making smartphones and tablet computers.

Presiding Judge Ichiro Otaka rejected Samsung's claim for damages over a data transmission technology patent. The latest ruling in the ongoing global legal battle between the two rivals concerned Apple's iPhone 3GS and 4 smartphones as well as two types of iPads.

Apple claimed Samsung's patent was invalid because the technology at issue could be easily developed based on the specifications of older versions of the South Korean company's devices. Samsung had sought a provisional injunction by the court to halt the sale of four Apple products.

The two rivals are involved in about a dozen other patent lawsuits in Japan.

In the first Japanese ruling last August related to the companies' global legal battle, the Tokyo court ruled that Samsung had not infringed an Apple patent related to synchronizing music and other data among portable devices. The U.S. maker appealed that ruling in October.