Samtec has announced an agreement with Hirose Electric USA to license their IT3/IT5 High Speed Elevated Mezzanine connector systems.  

The IT5 High Speed Elevated Mezzanine connector system is structured with a helix contact interposer and a new improved grounding BGA receptacle. It handles 25+ Gbps signal lines. Embedded DC-blocking capacitors on the interposer will also be available for better board routing efficiency and channel performance. While designed specifically for the Telecom/Datacenter market, it is an ideal solution for any elevated, high density array application where impedance control is very important.  The IT5 can be used in both ultra-high speed Differential Pair applications with FEXT cancellation technology and also in low speed Single-Ended signaling applications. The IT3 is suitable for Power lines, Single-Ended signaling and Differential Pair applications up to 6.25 Gbps. Both IT3 and IT5 wafers can be combined in one Hybrid interposer.

The IT5 interconnect set is the tallest three piece mezzanine array system in the connector industry.  The robust system design also includes a polarizing key on each board mount receptacle that assures proper orientation when mating.  The unique ‘Mounting’ receptacle locks the interposer in position on board one, and the ‘Detachable’ receptacle allows for easy mating/un-mating on board two.

Samtec and Hirose Electric are excited to proceed with this second source opportunity.  “The IT3/IT5 mezzanine systems are an excellent addition to Samtec’s broad line of array systems.  It not only provides a high quality solution for those difficult applications where stack heights must be high and signals must be tightly controlled, but it also provides two very reputable and well-respected sources for purchase for both Samtec’s and Hirose’s customer base.  We are very excited to work with Hirose on the IT3 and IT5 systems”, says Adam Linderman, Signal Integrity Product Manager with Samtec.


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