Pines Technology Model 250 Heavy Duty bender automatically bends 10-inch diameter tube (above). It has an automated loading system powered by a servo motor/gearbox combination using Zero-Max CD couplings to synchronize and balance the loading motion (below). Read the full story here.

The giant Pines bender is hydraulically operated. The system’s bending mandrel is shown in the center foreground with the unbent tube fed into the mandrel.

The Pines bender is hydraulically powered (above) while the automated loading system is electrically powered using a servo motor (below). The loading system pushes, aligns and clamps tubes weighing up to 1.5 tons. The three loading arms shown in Photo Five automatically lift and align the tubes prior to bending.

The servo motor connected to the Zero-Max CD coupling (above) provides the connection and power for the loading system. Floating shaft CD couplings span the distance from the gearbox to the traverse arms (below) and engage with a pinion gear that engages the racks on the traverse mechanism.

CD coupling disc pack (above) transmits torque between shaft coupling hubs and provides high misalignment, flexibility and longer life for CD Floating Shaft Couplings (below) compared to conventional couplings. CD couplings are proven “workhorse couplings” used in applications around the world from wind turbines to battle tanks.