SENDAI, Dec. 13 (Kyodo) — Toyota Motor Corp. and a subsidiary of the automaker said Thursday they have signed an agreement with the Miyagi prefectural government and the village of Ohira to provide aid and vehicles for reconstruction work in the event of a disaster.

Under the agreement, Toyota Motor and Toyota Motor East Japan Inc., based in Ohira, will supply food, drinking water, daily necessities and storage sites for reconstruction-related supplies to the local governments in the event of a disaster.

Toyota Motor East Japan will also supply electricity generated by facilities at its factory in Ohira to local residents if a disaster knocks out power supplies.

Toyota Motor East Japan President Takeshi Shirane suggested at a press conference his readiness to reach a similar agreement in Iwate Prefecture, where the company has a plant in the town of Kanegasaki.

The Toyota arm was created through the merger on July 1 of three group firms, Kanto Auto Works Ltd., Central Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Tohoku Corp.