A dual function backup light assembly from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics magnifies and disperses a 50-watt halogen light with 1,000,0000 measured candlepower. The product’s unique design enhances performance and ease of use while eliminating the need for fasteners and welding in the manufacturing process.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics provided product design and materials engineering in the development and manufacture of this vehicle light assembly. It incorporates a wear-resistant base, injection molded of nylon, which can be rotated manually into two operating modes – backup light mode when the vehicle is shifted into reverse, and utility light mode when parked. The dual function design is regulated by a special micro switch mounted inside the backup light base.

The lens is designed of a polycarbonate material for light magnification. It has a threaded circumference to screw tightly into the threaded base. This allows for easy bulb replacement when needed. To ensure moisture and contaminant protection, a flat EPDM rubber gasket seals the screwed together lens and base. Inside, a hard chrome-plated reflector holds a standard halogen bulb socket. This socket connects to two glass-insulated, high temperature resistant wires that lead to the vehicle’s connecting receptacle.

A micro switch is heat staked permanently into position so no fasteners are required. The base has an external keyway feature that helps users align it quickly for easy installation even in low light conditions. The snap-together design of all components employs a locking cleat providing positive retention. The light assembly design eliminated the need for fasteners and welding. Measuring 6 inches with a 1-5/8 inch base receptacle and 3-inch diameter lens, the vehicle light has no external connecting cords or wires, weighs only 8 ounces, and stores anywhere in a vehicle including a small glove box.

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