Pictured here is the Univeristy of Michigan's solar car, Quantum. As the American Solar Challenge (ASC) and various other solar car competitions continue to drive us into the future, it is apparent that the technology is improving, and quickly becoming a practical commodity. Read the full story here.

Pictured here is Iowa State University's solar car, Hyperion, on it's maiden journey during the 2012 ASC race. The race took these power-frivolous vehicles from Rochester, NY to St. Paul, MN.

Inside the cockpit of Hyperion, Iowa State University's 11th solar car build.
The all-important battery pack is maticulously cared for throughout the ASC race, as well as being heavily monitored by ASC judges.
As the self-proclaimed "sexiest car" in the race, Principia's Ra 7, presents a stealth bomber appearance and design that was truly eye-catching.