Pak/Teem Relies on SolidWorks Software to Improve Performance

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 3:23pm
Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation

During the manufacturing process of personal care products like diapers, specific raw materials generate a large volume of dust on the manufacturing line. Pak/Teem, an industrial air systems solution provider, is using SolidWorks 3D design software to ensure its air filtration units are working properly and effectively managing dust emissions in its customers’ manufacturing facilities. As experts in the industrial ventilation and dust control industry, Pak/Teem tests new products and remedies issues in the field, with the help of 3DVision Technologies, a leading SolidWorks Value Added Reseller.

Pak/Teem’s products play a major role in maintaining ventilation standards in many manufacturing plants to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Having used SolidWorks for more than 10 years to design the layout of its air system products, Pak/Teem is now using SolidWorks Flow Simulation to enhance the performance of its air filtration products. After a successful resolution to a clogging issue faced by one of its customers with an industrial dust collector, the Company used the same methodology to simulate potential field issues with its other machines.

“As we add more SolidWorks technology to our design arsenal, our products continue to get better and more efficient,” said Bob Mayne, Product Manager at Pak/Teem. “We recently purchased SolidWorks Flow Simulation and the software was quickly put to use to model field conditions specific to a particular installation. Not being able to see inside the unit made it difficult to visualize the internal air flow dynamics, but 3DVision helped us simulate the situation and verify possible trouble spots. Using SolidWorks substantially cut down the time it would typically take us to evaluate the situation and remedy the problem; saving us effort -hours and costs.”

Pak/Teem understands the importance of clean air and how reducing excessive emissions in the workplace can prevent both health and industrial problems. Although dust clogs are inevitable, SolidWorks Flow Simulation software has played an important role in monitoring the air flow of complex spaces to pinpoint problem areas. The Company’s clients also benefit because improving air systems solutions help reduce equipment wear, maintenance and downtime, while increasing employee productivity.

“Pak/Teem is committed to developing the best dust control products available, and we are proud to serve as a trusted partner that provides the most ideal solutions to meet their needs,” said Todd Majeski, President/CEO, 3DVision Technologies. “Working with our simulation team and SolidWorks, Pak/Teem was able to do a full-scale analysis on their machines, posing different challenges their customers may face with various air flow velocities and vortices. The Company sees immense potential in the value of SolidWorks Flow Simulation software and has dedicated a machine to running models on a regular basis.”

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