Garlock Rubber Technologies (GRT) has nearly doubled the weight of individual, bulk-haulage conveyor belts it can produce for a wide range of industries, including agriculture, construction, mining, pulp and paper, chemical processing, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

“With the recent acquisition of a larger crane, we now have the capability to produce belts weighing up to 25 tons,” said Jeff Phillips, GRT sales manager. “That means we can run longer segments -- 72" wide and, depending upon construction, up to 1,500 ft. in length. Previously our lifting capacity was limited to 15 tons, which for longer belts required splicing, a difficult and not particularly desirable process. By keeping our 15-ton crane in place, we have also been able to reduce set up and loading times in our finishing and shipping areas.”

Manufactured by R & M Material Handling, the new crane was installed in early October 2012. It features wireless radio controls, integrated load cell readout, and standard safety features required by OSHA. 

GRT offers the industry’s most extensive line of conveyor belt products. In addition it operates one of the industry’s most advanced technical laboratories for testing the physical, chemical and component properties of raw materials and finished products. Computer-controlled manufacturing assures the tightest gauge tolerances and quality control, and a wide range of capabilities are available for customizing products to users’ requirements.

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