Thogus, a 62-year old custom injection molder, has expanded services to include rapidly developing medical device market. JALEX Medical will focus exclusively on biomedical engineering, product development and regulatory/quality assistance. JALEX joins Thogus and Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (rp+m) under the same roof, fostering accelerated product design through complete production. “Our clients demand flexibility, speed and quality as they compete in the tough, highly-regulated medical device market,” states Matt Hlavin, president and owner of all three companies. “The investment in equipment and personnel is our commitment to fulfilling our client obligation.”

Mr. Hlavin estimates investing $1.6 million in equipment, jobs and facilities in the coming year, expanding on their current 35-acre site. JALEX Medical has worked on medical devices such as a biopsy needle, cervical plates, cranial screws and a PEEK interbody fusion device. For more information visit