Heraeus announces the opening of a new Singapore facility to support expansion of its Medical Components Division. The Singapore expansion is focused on R&D and production of materials and components for the medical device industry. The facility will increase the company's presence in Asia to more than 20 manufacturing facilities.

According to Dr. Nicolas Guggenheim, President of Heraeus’ Medical Components Division, Singapore was selected as the new Medical Materials Development and Production Center in Asia for a number of reasons. "Heraeus has a long tradition of being close to our customers, and there has been a strong movement in the last few years by our major Cardiac Rhythm Management customers to relocate their medical device manufacturing to Southeast Asia. With the strong Asian investment in local startups, a strong base of new Asian medical device companies is growing in the region, which makes for a powerful mix of companies and innovation," he says.

"Singapore is uniquely positioned as a premier high-tech hub providing access to a very technical and well educated workforce that can support our development efforts," he continues. "Singapore’s ideal location situated between Malaysia and Indonesia provides both Heraeus and our customers with nearby lower cost manufacturing and production options.”

According to Mark Kempf, Executive Vice-President of Global Business Lines for Heraeus Medical Components, the "Division is also very fortunate to be able to leverage the existing Heraeus Singapore infrastructure, which includes one of the world’s largest bonding wire facilities that has already received approval by many of our top medical customers. With strong guidance and support from the Singapore government, [the company] was able to quickly and efficiently ramp-up our new development and production center.”

Kempf has also been named Singapore General Manager and has relocated to Singapore.

For more information about Heraeus Medical Components, please visit us at www.heraeus-medicalcomponents.com.