Beagle Board Modules Offer Open Source Options

Thu, 06/17/2010 - 6:41am

Three new modules for the Beagle Board embedded Linux and Android OS platform from Liquidware can help assist rapid prototyping Open Source hardware gadgets.

The BeagleTouch is a 4.3” touchscreen module with a high-contrast, wide viewing angle organic LED display.

When paired with the Lithium Ion BeagleJuice module, the BeagleBoard acts like a handheld tablet computer with Linux and capable of running the Android operating system. A line of sensors – including accelerometer, GPS, light sensor and heart beat sensor – are easily connected using the BeagleMod prototyping board.

Over the last year, the community of designers and engineering using the Beagle Board has grown. Engineers use the Beagle Board platform because there is a wide availability of open source software designed to run out of the box on the board, and the system has high speed and lower power consumption.

Liquidware uses a module design strategy, which means engineers can deliver fully functional gadget prototypes in less time and for less cost.

Modular innovation is the process of using discrete “building blocks” that connect with each other for more complexity. This could allow engineers to assemble building blocks in infinite combinations quickly to create more complex designs and gadgets.

However, in practice the strategy has some limits because the interfaces between the modules often take weeks of work – it’s difficult to get each module to communicate effectively.

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