Palin-Letterman Battle Continues; Is Obama's Health Care Plan

Sat, 06/13/2009 - 12:36am
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By Sean Hannity

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<Head: Palin-Letterman Battle Continues; Is Obama's Health Care Plan Worthwhile?>

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HANNITY: And tonight on our Great American Panel, he served three terms on the DNC and was President Clinton's special counsel. My buddy, Lanny Davis.He is a member of the Republicans for Black Empowerment and a contributor to Brandon Brice is here.

And she is the host of the highly-rated, FOX's Good Day L.A., the star of House -- oh, boy.

GILLIAN BARBERRIE REYNOLDS, HOST, GOOD DAY L.A. : Well, actually, my husband's the star of that.

HANNITY: Oh, boy. The House Husbands of Hollywood, which premiers on the FOX Reality Channel, and that's August 15. The one and only Gillian Barberrie is with us.

Good to see you guys. Thanks for coming back.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: Good to see you.

HANNITY: Palin-Letterman, round three. Governor Palin was phenomenal. She goes on The Today Show. Matt Lauer obviously in the tank for David Letterman. Watch Governor Palin by this morning.


GOV. SARAH PALIN (R), ALASKA: He doesn't have to apologize to me. I would like to see him apologize to young women across the country for contributing to that -- kind of that thread that is throughout our culture that makes it sound like it's OK to talk about young girls in that way, where it's kind of OK, accepted and funny to talk about statutory rape. It's not cool; it's not funny.


HANNITY: All right, so it wasn't the 14-year-old girl that A-Rod. It's the 18-year-old girl.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: But see, I'm going to take the other side here. Was it in poor taste? Yes. Had she not already had a teenage daughter that did get, quote, knocked up, it wouldn't be an issue, I think. I mean, it is -- you should never joke about something like that. But let's face it: it's not like her daughter, Bristol, and Levi was practicing safe sex.

HANNITY: But Willow was at the game. The older daughter was not at the game. And that's -- that's issue No. 1. What if I was on this program today, and I referred to Katie Couric, who works at CBS, the same network, saying she has a slutty flight attendant look?


HANNITY: Would I be fired? Maybe.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: I don't think you'd be fired. But I think there would be some -- there would be people that would be...

HANNITY: I like Katie Couric. I don't -- I don't -- why isn't he in more trouble? That's what I don't understand.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: I think if she didn't have any daughters that got pregnant in the first place, Sean, it would be like, What? Where did that come from? But she did. It's not like -- and these women, the National Organization of Women, shouldn't they be more offended that she didn't teach her daughter safe sex than a comment that a comedian made? To me, that's...

HANNITY: But to me, is this how we want to refer to women now? I mean, I have a daughter. I have a wife. I have sisters.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: Wasn't it more of a statement about A-Rod and the daughter that got pregnant? It's like he likes to mess around and the daughter likes, obviously, to mess around. It's just kind of a bad date (ph), but...

HANNITY: Who is ever going to want to run for office if this is how we treat the children of political candidates?

BRANDON BRICE, CONTRIBUTOR, HIPHOPREPUBLICAN: You know, to be honest, I think in the end the bigger issue that -- the media needs to keep their hands off of politicians' children, politicians' kids, because at the end of the day, that's not relevant.

And I think it was a very bold look for David Letterman to make that statement, regardless of it being comical humor. Would they have made the same statement to President Obama's children?

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: He didn't have a daughter that got pregnant.

BRICE: But regardless of the fact, why are we talking -- why are we talking about innocent children in this manner?

HANNITY: See -- see, I think conservative women are more fair game. The list of conservative women on the hate blank list on Playboy, Lanny, that's No. 1, Carrie Prejean. She offered an opinion about how you define marriage, and they brutalized her, and nobody comes to that girl's defense.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: Donald did. Donald came to her defense, and he kept her. She was fired for...

HANNITY: No women's groups did.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: That is a good point. But she was fired because she did not fulfill duties. It had nothing to do with her status...

HANNITY: I interviewed her last night. She said she -- she fulfilled every duty, every contract, every aspect of it.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: Her boss isn't saying that.

LANNY DAVIS, FORMER WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL: ... this long on your show?

HANNITY: No. Actually, no. Are you sick?

DAVIS: First, I want to tell the audience that Sean Hannity is much too nice to me.

HANNITY: I went to threw the book at him earlier. I think David Letterman was in bad taste. I think he should not have made the joke he did. But it's America, and a lot of people are allowed to be tasteless.

HANNITY: You know something, Lanny? If I said that, you're buddies with Hillary. You're buddies with Hillary. What if Sean Hannity said about Chelsea Clinton, who is a lovely girl..

DAVIS: I'd say the same thing. Bad taste.

HANNITY: I don't believe that. I don't believe...

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: She doesn't have a daughter that got knocked up, Sean. That's the whole point. She had a teenage daughter who did get knocked up.

And by the way, when they were running if she had been elected into office do you think that Bristol and Levi would be married right now? Yes, they would be.

HANNITY: Name one Democratic woman -- what if any conservative said that Michelle Obama had a slutty flight attendant look?

BRICE: It would be appalling.

HANNITY: Appalling? People would -- heads would roll, and conservatives would be fired.

BRICE: But that's the issue here, is that it's not fair, and like I mentioned earlier, if the situation were related to President Obama, the media would be outraged. FOX would be -- David Letterman would be fired. People would be against him.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: Obama's daughters have never had children out of wedlock.

HANNITY: The slutty attendant.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: Nothing wrong with having a slutty look. I mean -- I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

BRICE: If we're going to be fair, let's be fair.

HANNITY: Now we know why she's rated (ph).

DAVIS: If you'd asked me when I was 17 years old, I might have agreed with you. But, look...

HANNITY: ... not, Lanny?

DAVIS: I'm married to a...

HANNITY: You're friends with a guy that likes 17-year-olds.

DAVIS: I won't even go...

HANNITY: That was a shot at Clinton.

BRICE: That's a low blow.

DAVIS: Very low blow.

HANNITY: It wasn't.

DAVIS: And in bad taste. Bad taste is the same if it's the left or if it's Rush Limbaugh who makes fun of Michael Fox.

HANNITY: He did not do -- he did not do that. You brought this up.

DAVIS: That's your double standard. He absolutely did, what I saw him do was in bad taste.

HANNITY: He did the shaking.

DAVIS: And what I think is not a double standard is the issue of bad taste. Comics have more liberty. What happened at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, I told you that I thought that comic went over the line on a couple of things, including a comment she made about Rush Limbaugh, which I thought was in bad taste, so I'm using the same standard.

HANNITY: You know what is unfair? I'll tell you -- I'll tell you what bothers me, is that Governor Palin is a nice woman. You know, here you're a successful professional woman, and it seems that whenever it's a conservative woman, I cannot stand the double standard that the society has, that they treat conservative women differently than liberal women.

Governor Palin is a great woman, a smart governor. She did a great job on the campaign under the most high-pressure circumstances you can ever have, and all people want to do is assassinate this woman's character. It drives me nuts. Leave her -- leave the woman alone, leave her kids alone.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: But I do think when this came out she started talking about, you know, girl's self-esteem, and I thought is that what Letterman was talking -- isn't this about, if anything, teen pregnancy, and didn't your teenage daughter get pregnant? I mean, I think that she kind of...

HANNITY: You keep going back to that.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: Well, that's -- I think Letterman meant that as the whole point.

HANNITY: But if somebody made fun of Chelsea Clinton and the Obama daughters, I think it would be different. You agree there's a double standard?


BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: No, I think -- I think there's two different issues here. I think that, if Palin did not have a daughter who was already pregnant out of wedlock, he wouldn't even have made that joke. It would have been, like out of context. What does this mean?

HANNITY: But that doesn't explain the slutty flight...

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: Slutty flight attendant. Correct.

HANNITY: That was just mean. See, I think David Letterman, that's why he got killed by Leno. Leno's funnier. Leno doesn't have a political agenda; he just wants to make people laugh.

DAVIS: David Letterman is a very talented comic.

HANNITY: He's bitter. Angry and bitter.

DAVIS: And there are times -- and there are times that comics go over the line, and we all have had moments where we think someone is funny.

HANNITY: What if I came on with a list of adjectives about his wife tonight? What if I came on with a list of adjectives about his son tonight?

HANNITY: You'd be given more liberty to do that if you were a comic than Sean Hannity, political commentator. I think it's bad taste either way.

BRICE: I do think it is bad taste. But I also think that this ha actually uplifted his. You know, the sense of Conan -- him dealing with Conan O'Brien's ratings.

Comics are comics. Now, was it was a low blow. Yes, it was. But at the end of the day, I think it uplifted his career and possibly Sarah Palin's for 2012. That was an issue, as well.

HANNITY: That's an interesting perspective. All right, we'll come back. More with our great, great, Great American Panel . I'm throwing this at Lanny's head. Straight ahead.


HANNITY: And we continue now with our Great American Panel.

All right. I'm going to him first, because he's supporting this. All right. So we just got information now that the early estimates in terms of tax increases for Obamacare is $600 billion in taxes, $400 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. These are the early numbers. He's already laid down $634 billion as his down payment for this. We have quadrupled the deficit, quadrupled the debt, and we're going to be paying $1 trillion in interest on Obama's economy and all the money he's spending now as we steal from our kids.

Why do you support nationalizing the economy as he does?

DAVIS: First of all, your numbers are cooked.

HANNITY: The numbers aren't cooked., hardly the right wing. The Hill right here.

DAVIS: Your numbers are cooked about the deficit tripling as a result of Barack Obama.

HANNITY: CBO. CBO says that -- that Barack Obama's given us $10 trillion in debt and $806 billion a year on interest.

DAVIS: If you look at the deficit attributable to George Bush versus the deficit attributable to Barack Obama, you will find that the Bush administration holdover is two-thirds...

HANNITY: Wrong. Wrong. He quadrupled it in one year. Lanny, you've got to start taking responsibility for your president.

DAVIS: I don't have to buy your numbers, which are cooked, but let me answer your question.

Right now this country is going bankrupt because of what its paying for health care, so when you say what we're going to pay for health care to take away from the costs of current health care, you've got to use a net figure.

HANNITY: OK, why is it going to be any different than Great Britain? A government-rationing body three weeks ago decided women with breast cancer, they don't get the medicine that they need. That's a death sentence, because they can't afford it. Why is it going to be any different when Obamacare kicks in?

DAVIS: Because Obama is not a socialized medicine plan.

HANNITY: Yes, it is.

DAVIS: It is...

HANNITY: It's choice, but choice means the insurance companies.

DAVIS: All I do with you are facts, and then you do the spin. The facts are...

HANNITY: The truth.

DAVIS: The facts are that everybody can keep their own doctor, keep their own private insurance companies, have their own choices. But if you're uninsured, you're employer, just like your driver's license, you have to pay or play, and that's the difference.

BRICE: The one issue with Obamacare is that, you know, what about the quality of health care? Has that just been totally thrown out the window. That's one issue.

And then with Obamacare, the expansion of the government, I mean we can't -- who's going to pay for this? That should be the No. 1 question for all Americans. Who's going to pay for Obama care because it's going to cost -- we're robbing our children.

DAVIS: Who paid for the $750 billion bailout from George Bush? Who paid for that?

BRICE: Who's going to pay for this Obamacare?

DAVIS: Were you asking -- we all...

BRICE: President Bush is not the president. The president is Barack Obama.

DAVIS: We are all paying our doctors and hospitals, in the highest inflation rate of any category in this country for medical care. If the cost is squeezed out and we get more efficient and maintain choice, that's what...


DAVIS: We will under his plan. He's not forcing you to change one thing, if you want to keep your own doctor.

HANNITY: All I can say is, if everybody did what Gillian did and go on NutriSystem.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: Like you did. Look at you. You're fit; you don't need the doctor.

HANNITY: You don't need the doctor. We're there.

All right. You see these videos of teen girls and teenagers on the Internet. You see they're constantly fighting.

This one's particularly vicious. Now, we'll roll this tape on this. You've got 17-year-old girls literally beating up and torturing this girl, Mercedes Michaels, burning her hair with a cigarette lighter.


HANNITY: They're cutting her hair.

One of the attackers wrongly thought she was dating the attacker's ex- boyfriend.


HANNITY: Two juveniles were charged with one count of aggravated battery each. A 15-year-old, you know, and then another person. The teens are due back in court. And I'm looking at this...

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: By the way, the guy who took this video?


BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: No charges, nothing. It's all over the Internet.

HANNITY: And shouldn't they be -- don't you have an obligation if you see somebody getting brutalized this way, to do something?


BRICE: First of all, what was the guy with the camera doing? He was standing there?

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: Yes, he was part of their little gang.

BRICE: To me, it looked like a gang initialization. It really does. You have four individuals beating the life out of someone.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: And they're all from different shows, I understand, because her mom and her were on a morning show today. And they're not -- her mother does not want her to said she does not want her to go to any school in the area.

DAVIS: Why aren't the parents of those children arrested for not being responsible?

HANNITY: That's an interesting question.

DAVIS: If a parent allows kids to drink in their home and those kids go out and hurt somebody drunken driving, those parents can be arrested. Why are those parents not being arrested?

HANNITY: I'll tell you, I feel sorry for kids today. I think we're robbing them of their youth and their innocence. You know, I think back when I was a kid, I'd get off the bus after school, and I'd be gone for hours.

BARBERRY REYNOLDS: And your parents didn't worry, and now with the Internet. Everything is so viral. You've got people that are --they love these videos. It's almost -- it's insanity what's out there.

And then they're not responsible for their actions or they get a slap on the wrist.

HANNITY: Isn't it sad, though, that our kids will never have, and I've even said this to my son, he'll never have the freedom that I had, you know, because society has changed that much.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: Do you think a lot of it has to do with the culture coarsening?

HANNITY: I think a lot of it has to do with the culture coarsening. You know, look at the violence and the sex. There's a time and place for all of this, but not when you're 10 and 12.

DAVIS: An organization my wife worked for is the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, NCMEC. Go to that site, learn how dangerous it is, what to do to protect your children.

HANNITY: Don't make me like you.

DAVIS: And stop, Sean, being so nice to me. You'll lose your audience.

HANNITY: We were doing so good, and now I have to like you again.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: Do we have another topic we can hate each other on?

HANNITY: No, we're running out of time. One thing. You know, but if you think of this, though, I mean, don't you think -- some people say,

Hannity, you should have been born in the '40's. Wasn't it a more innocent time in the 1950's when kids weren't having as much sex.

BRICE: I think it goes back to just the way that our government is -- and the way America's changing, in a sense back then, '40's, 1950's, and 1960's, kids were more self-sufficient, they wanted to be independent and become the next astronaut or not. Now, you know, people in inner cities don't have dreams anymore. There's a lack of hope.

HANNITY: How could you not have a dream in America? That's sad.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: I don't know where you're from, but I grew up in Canada. We didn't lock our doors. But not, the -- we go out there; we played ball. We ran with our friends in the streets.

Nowadays you can sit in your room on your computer and be in Denmark, or you could be anywhere. And so that's the world that we're living in.

And they also have access to the sex and the violence that we never had.

DAVIS: ... for ending the segment to tell you that, for the first time in probably the last ten years, the country says we're going in the right direction and Barack Obama has been a great inspiration...

HANNITY: You're not reading the polls. People want to give the money back and the stimulus.

DAVIS: Numbers say for the first time that the country's going in the right direction. Every poll. Every poll, because there's hope in America.

HANNITY: You were going great.

BARBERRIE REYNOLDS: Do you hate me now? I'm still coming back another time.

HANNITY: thank you, guys, great panel. Actress Denise Richards on life, love, and her reality TV show.

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