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Engineering Newswire 121: The Navy's Newest Hovercraft

December 18, 2014 11:54 am | by Alex Shanahan, Manager of Multimedia Production | Videos | Comments

Today on Engineering Newswire, we’ve hovering over land and sea in the navy’s newest ship-to-shore connector, 3D printing a comfortable dress, and giving a dog the opportunity to run free for the first time ...      

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HotSpot: Stuffing Bras With Actuators & Sensing Tech

December 16, 2014 1:20 pm | by Eric Sorensen, Coordinator of Multimedia Development Videos Comments

This week on WDD’s HotSpot, researchers are stuffing bras with actuators and sensing technologies; Berkeley engineers are building organic optoelectronic sensors that can be slapped on like a Band-Aid; Wii’s are rehabbing stroke ...  


The Surprising History of Tinsel

December 16, 2014 12:38 pm | by American Chemical Society Videos Comments

It's been a holiday decoration staple for decades, and it turns out that silver stuff hanging from your tree has quite a storied past. Tinsel has been made out of everything from real silver, to lead to other dangerously flammable materials ...


The IoT Uplink: 90% of IT Networks to Have IoT-Based Security Breach

December 15, 2014 12:10 pm | by Eric Sorensen, Coordinator of Multimedia Development Videos Comments

This episode of The IoT Uplink examines IoT security tools, making better connections, and how improving standards will help improve IoT adoption rates. We look specifically at Elliptic Technologies and the security hardware ...   


Engineering Newswire 120: 10 Worst Toys Pass Test

December 11, 2014 11:50 am | by Alex Shanahan, Manager of Multimedia Production Videos Comments

Today on Engineering Newswire, the World Against Toys Causing Harm, or W.A.T.C.H., released its 42nd annual 10 Worst Toys report ... So we bought them ...               


Teardown: Oscilloscope Autopsy

December 11, 2014 9:48 am | by EEVblog Videos Comments

On this episode of the EEVblog Teardown, Dave dissects and then powers up the Tektronix TDS220 oscilloscope he used in the Mud Run. Did it survive?                


The Workforce Crisis of 2030 & How to Start Solving it Now

December 11, 2014 9:32 am | by TED Videos Comments

It sounds counterintuitive, but by 2030, many of the world's largest economies will have more jobs than adult citizens to do those jobs. In this data-filled — and quite charming — talk, human resources expert Rainer Strack suggests ...  


The World’s Smallest Computer

December 11, 2014 9:20 am | by Michigan Engineering Videos Comments

As computing devices progress toward smaller and more efficient designs, Michigan Engineers have taken the lead in millimeter sized units that can perform on many alternating platforms ...          


Engineering Live: How Do We Get More Kids Into STEM?

December 10, 2014 9:39 am | by ECN Staff Videos Comments

It’s easy to say we need more kids interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the challenge comes in finding ways to accomplish it. Whether it’s the toys they play with as kids, or the classes they take as ...


Top 10 from Medica & CompaMed

December 4, 2014 10:34 am | by John Dipierro, Multimedia Production Specialist Videos Comments

Welcome to MDT’s Top 10 list from the Medica and CompaMed shows, which took place in Dusseldorf, Germany. This was my first visit to the event, so to say it was overwhelming, yet fantastic, would be an understatement. Watch my list of the ...


Engineering Newswire 119: Stephen Hawking Gets an Upgrade

December 4, 2014 10:23 am | by Alex Shanahan, Manager of Multimedia Production Videos Comments

Today on Engineering Newswire, we’re turning our arms into touchscreens, communicating with Stephen Hawking with upgraded sensors and software, and taking a ride on the bio-bus ... powered by poop ...        


This Gel Can Make You Stop Bleeding Instantly

December 4, 2014 10:16 am | by TED Videos Comments

Forget stitches — there's a better way to close wounds. In this talk, TED Fellow Joe Landolina talks about his invention — a medical gel that can instantly stop traumatic bleeding without the need to apply pressure ...     


Walter Isaacson on Alan Turing, Intelligent Machines & 'The Imitation Game'

December 4, 2014 9:53 am | by Big Think Videos Comments

Biographer Walter Isaacson compares Alan Turing's computing philosophy with that of Ada Lovelace a hundred years prior. Turing, the subject of the new film "The Imitation Game," is also featured prominently in Isaacson's new book ...  


How to Operate the Hubble Space Telescope

December 4, 2014 9:45 am | by Hubble Space Telescope Videos Comments

Have you ever wondered how NASA and the Space Telescope Science Institute actually drive Hubble? How do we point it? How do we get the data down from orbit? How do we communicate with it? How do we know when something goes wrong ...  


Teardown: Smart Card Pinpad Terminal

December 4, 2014 9:35 am | by EEVblog Videos Comments

On this week’s episode of the EEVblog Teardown, what's inside a smart card pinpad EFTPOS terminal? Dave looks at the anti-tamper mechanisms inside a Sagem Monetel EFT930S ...            


Live Stream: NASA to Launch 1st Orion Spacecraft

December 4, 2014 9:35 am | by NASA Videos Comments

Orion is NASA’s new spacecraft built to carry humans, designed to allow us to journey to destinations never before visited by humans, including an asteroid and Mars. The spacecraft will orbit the Earth twice, including one loop that will reach ...



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