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KNF Neuberger, Inc.

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Since 1977, German quality engineering principles, design precision, American ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit have been at work at KNF Neuberger. The company's broad range of products support a wide variety of applications, either as a vital part of an OEM instrument, or as a stand-alone laboratory device. In the medical field, applications for KNF pumps include manual and automated blood analyzers, operating room blood/gas monitors, heart-assist devices, and many more. In the environmental arena, KNF products help to analyze the exhaust of vehicles and industrial plants and thereby monitor/manage the emissions of pollutants. KNF pumps are widely used in various security/defense applications as well as in many reprographic devices. In the research laboratory, KNF provides LABOPORTĀ®, a corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free line of dry vacuum pumps and accessories. KNF pioneered the design of solid PTFE resin pumps to handle applications utilizing aggressive gases/liquids.

Mailing Address:
2 Black Forest Rd.
Trenton, New Jersey 08691
United States

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