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American Sensor Technologies, Inc.

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The mission of American Sensor Technologies, Inc. is to be "your sensor business partner..." AST was incorporated in New Jersey on January 9, 1997, by Richard E. Tasker, Michael P. Eldredge and Karmjit S. Sidhu, for the purpose of developing MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical Structures) pressure sensor products with their proprietary Krystal Bond™ Technology. AST manufactures its pressure sensors and related products in its Mount Olive, New Jersey USA facility, supporting customers with quick turnaround and quality instruments.

The dynamics of AST's technologies allow its pressure sensing element to be packaged in virtually an unlimited number of configurations along with offering millivolt output pressure sensors, pressure transducers, or pressure transmitters. Products can be offered from our standard catalog or modified into a semi-custom or custom package for Industrial OEM applications. With a wide selection of third party approvals and certifications, AST products are widely trusted and used in hazardous location environments.

In June 2005, AST acquired Macro Sensors, in order to complement its pressure products with a full line of linear position sensors. Macro Sensors manufactures LVDT and RVDT position sensors in its Pennsauken, NJ facility. Markets supported include power generation, oil and gas, automation, industrial equipment, aerospace, UHV and more.

Mailing Address:
450 Clark Dr.
Mount Olive, New Jersey 07828
United States

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